Dressing Up in the “Fourth Trimester”

If you thought that dressing decently during pregnancy was difficult, it was because you were not yet in the next stage. After giving birth the body needs time to go back to the condition before pregnancy and who knows how long it will take to lose the pounds accumulated during the nine months! It certainly is not your priority now (and it shouldn’t be). The belly is gone but not quite, it is not toned and unless you have the Belen genetics to pose in lingerie one month after childbirth, chances are you won’t feel very attractive. Add the breastfeeding, not having much time for yourselves, and the fatigue of almost sleepless nights and the picture gets very complicated from there. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to miss the special occasions and formal events. You can still dress up your beautiful post-baby figure.

nursing jumpers and rompers
If you decide to breastfeed, you’ll have to be ready to deal with sizes that are not the ones which you are accustomed to usually, so do not panic if all of a sudden you will replace a modest “B” cup for a full “D”. This means that, in addition to the underwear, you have to choose comfortable and practical clothes for your new “enhanced” condition. Opt for clothing with front opening, like a maternity romper jumpsuit, and elastic and easily washable fabrics: motherhood is much more complicated than pregnancy, I’ve warned you!
However, if you do not have the ability to breastfeed or have chosen to quit or not do it at all, choice of wardrobe pieces will be much easier. In addition to the breasts and apart from the extra pounds you need to shed off, it is the shape of your body that has actually changed. In pregnancy the chest has expanded, as well as the hips; also, not being able to immediately resume physical activity (especially after a caesarean) causes everything to happen more slowly.
During the nine months of pregnancy, my advice was to showcase the belly with clingy dresses at the waist, but for the post-partum period I would direct you to different shapes instead. Incorporate tights, leggings and high-waisted pants that you can combine with oversized plaid shirts, maxi pullovers, masculine-cut jackets, scarf-capes, special sweatshirts and statement accessories such as hair, sunglasses and flashy jewelry.
And the shoes? Finally, the choice of shoes all up to you: high heels if you cannot wait to get back on top, big and clunky if you want to slim the figure while maintaining the convenience or flat shoe itself.