Fight Poisonous Pollution with These Four Organic Brands

Over the last couple of years, organic clothing has been a common word among health and environment conscious shoppers. Also, with more people becoming aware of the benefits of organic clothes, there has been an increase in the number of brands producing organic clothing.

What do we mean by organic clothes? These are clothes manufactured with fabrics grown naturally. No synthetics, no pesticides and no GMOs. For the most part, people can avoid exposing themselves to chemicals and other unnatural substances as well as support the use of sustainable resources.

In this article, we will look at some of the clothing companies which have committed themselves to ethical practices and clothing production using organic materials.

Sorella Organics

Long Sleeve T in vintage black by Sorella Organics.

Sorella Organics  is based in Australia and is well known for the production of maternity and sleepwear. Their products are made using Fair Trade-certified and organic cotton, ensuring that each product is healthy for your skin, environment-friendly and friendly to farmers and workers. Sorella organics has also partnered with other brands to ensure minimal wastage, sustainable employment and fair wages to its workers. With Sorella Organics you will get to enjoy luxurious clothing for men, women and comfortable maternity clothing as well.


Swing nightie in mineral blue by Noctu.

Noctu is a family business based in Bath, UK and is committed to organic materials to produce simple and amazing designs to the highest Fair Trade standards. This company ensures women empowerment, equality and training programmes to uplift lives of farmers and workers. You can take advantage of Noctu’s comfortable nightwear and luxurious clothing for men, women and kids. Also, this company is Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) certified to assure you of the best possible products.


Henley Tunic dress by Nomads.

Best known for comfortable clothing, Nomads creates soft and comfortable clothing inspired by the Indian culture. Following the Fair Trade policy, Nomads provides clean and safe working conditions to its employees with no employment of under 16 children. Workers are paid fairly and there is equality of men and women in terms of opportunities and pay. Nomads uses GOTS certified materials to ensure that products are healthy and kind to the environment. This company also employs various techniques such as traditional embroidery, traditional hand block printing, tying and dying by hand and textured handloom to offer you exquisite designs.


Dania dress by Kuyichi.

Best known for denim clothes, Kuyichi works directly with Peruvian farmers to get organic cotton for their products. In addition to organic cotton, this company also uses recycled cotton and polyester to make their clothing. Kuyichi believes in taking social and environmental responsibility and that’s why they choose their suppliers with care, to help improve conditions in the clothing industry. The cotton used is 100% organic produced in a pesticide-free and fertilizer-free environment, to offer you 100% organic and safe-to-wear denim.


Chambray work shirt.

This clothing company based in New York, USA was founded in 2004 and has become a pioneer in organic clothing industry. Loomstate is best known for uniforms, bulk tees and uses 100% certified organic cotton. Products used by this company are GOTS certified and verified by Organic Content Standard, USDA National Organic Program (NOP), Social Accountability 8000, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and OEKO-TEX 100, to ensure that consumers enjoy chemical-free products. This also provides a safe working environment for farmers, workers and keeps the environment clean.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your kids, organic clothing is always an ideal choice. What are you waiting for? Check out for available options and protect yourself as well as save the environment from bad effects of conventional cotton clothes.

Stock up On These Organic Clothes to Support Fair Trade

Different people prefer buying organic clothing for various reasons. Some buy organic clothes because it makes them feel better knowing that they’re doing something healthy for themselves and for our planet as well. Others buy them because they possess a more aesthetic appeal.

What is the difference between organic and unnatural fabric? These two are different in the way they have been grown. Unnatural fabric is cotton grown with the use of pesticides and is considered hazardous to the environment and human health. However, organic fabric has grown naturally without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides, making it a safe and secure option for our health.

In this article, we will take a look at different clothing brands which have embraced ethical practices and are committed to manufacturing organic clothing.

Thought Clothing

Based in London UK, Thought is a pioneer in the organic clothing industry and has continued to offer beautiful and amazing fashions, while paying keen attention to our environment. This clothing brand offers clothes for both men and women available in organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Using natural and certified Fair Trade materials, Thought ensures that its clothes are uniquely designed and beautifully crafted to offer you timeless and effortless fashion. Clothing produced by Thought is simply ethical, quality, comfortable and at reasonable prices. What’s more is that Thought Clothing ensures that its workers are given the best working conditions with fair wages.


Synergy Clothing is based in Santa Cruz, CA and uses high-quality organic cotton to produce ethical clothing and to the highest environment principles. What makes Synergy a reputable and renowned clothing brand is that it not only manufactures healthy and environment-friendly clothes, this company is also committed to empowering people through ethical employment options. Synergy offers a safe and secure working environment and ensures that its workers are paid fairly. With Synergy, you will get to enjoy beautifully crafted clothing from men’s wear, women wear, dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories.

Shift To Nature

Shift To Nature is based in Australia and is well-known for a wide variety of sustainable textiles. This clothing brand manufactures clothing while taking into concern eco-friendliness and overall human health, to produce beautiful clothing. Items from Shift To Nature are made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other organic textiles. Here, there is something for everyone. You are sure to find organic cotton leggings, activewear, t-shirts and unique dresses from hemp linen. These products are made from less harmful materials to provide clothing which is soft and healthy for your skin.


Founded by Gosia Piatek in 2007, Kowtow is best known for women’s work wear. With high-quality organic cotton and the best working conditions for its workers, this brand guarantees a fashion you will love. Kowtow is certified by Fair Trade, doesn’t use genetically modified seeds, conserves the soil and retains water effectively. Cotton is farmed organically, fed with rainwater, handpicked and is not sprayed with harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe working environment for workers and their families. All their collections are made from ethically sourced and sustainable materials to create a friendly model for the company.

When you buy organic clothing, you’ll help support Fair Trade and increase awareness in relation to going green. All it takes are simple changes in your life to awaken your natural instincts and protect your health, your family, and your environment.